Tarantella Napolitana

November 6, 2013 •

Wow, it’s been nearly two months since my last post! Two months filled with lots of think­ing, do­ing, liv­ing and loving.

I’ve started writ­ing, one of my biggest dreams since years. Maybe this will lead to a book, or maybe I’m writ­ing only to let out these many thoughts and feel­ings I carry in­side my head and my heart. For the time be­ing, it’s a per­sonal side project, with only a hand­ful of read­ers and reviewers.

But let’s get back to mu­sic. The fol­low­ing clip is ded­i­cated to a very spe­cial per­son, a pas­sion­ate dancer.

The Taran­tella is a very in­ter­est­ing dance, not only for pure amuse­ment, but also kind of a cure, phys­i­cally and mentally.

Una Musica

September 12, 2013 •

It’s al­most ridicu­lous. The first two min­utes sound like Jazz and then it’s go­ing to be a 20th cen­tury mu­si­cal. But in fact, it’s mu­sic from 400 years ago.

Ciaconna: Acceso mio core

September 10, 2013 •

The crazy thing with Ital­ian mu­sic is that even songs from about four hun­dred years ago sound mod­ern, somehow.

Ac­ceso mio core
dhe fuggi l’ardore
di questa crudele
di questa infedele.

Se li dici che l’ami
si fa sorda e si ride.
Che farai, cor do­lente?
Mor­rai sicuramente.

No, no, no
non vò più amare
poiché sem­pre ò à penare.

Tu vedi cor mio
che spento è ‘l di­sio
e morta è la fede
d’haver tua mercede.

Oh se parli o sospiri
non odirti si finge
e se mostri i mar­tiri
di duol le guance tinge.

In Eng­lish:

My burn­ing heart
c’mon flee the ar­dour
of this cruel one
of this un­faith­ful one.

If you tell her you love her
she be­comes deaf and laughs.
What will you do, sor­row­ful heart?
You will surely die.

No, no, no
I do not want to love any­more
be­cause I al­ways have to suffer.

You see, my heart,
that de­sire died away
that the faith
of ob­tain­ing your re­ward is dead.

Oh, if you speak or sigh
she pre­tends not to hear you
and if you show your tor­ments
she paints her cheeks with grief.

Thrown right at me

September 9, 2013 •

Kris­t­ian Mats­son (AKA The Tallest Man On Earth) singing in duet with his wife Amanda Bergman.

Call me a sissy, but THIS is love! (Bring on the Kleenex! ;))

Reasons to love

September 1, 2013 •

If you have rea­sons to love some­one, you don’t love them.”

Fleet Foxes — Helplessness Blues

August 29, 2013 •

Might sound a bit sloppy first, but this al­bum is a lit­tle won­der of acoustic and vo­cal music.

We are so much more…

August 26, 2013 •

We are so much more than the desk jobs and the child­hood fears we chain our­selves to.”

— Joshua Ben­net

Mad Dancers

August 26, 2013 •

Those that danced were thought mad by those who couldn’t hear the music.”

The Tallest Man On Earth

August 25, 2013 •

Puts a smile on my face every­time I hear his mu­sic. :)

Man On Fire

August 24, 2013 •